Drink List


1.Coke $2.00

2.Diet Coke $2.00

3.Sprite $2.00

4.Iced Tea $2.50



1.Sapporo Beer (Small Bottle) $3.50

2.Sapporo Beer (Large Bottle) $6.00

3.Asahi Draft Beer (Glass) $5.50

4.Asahi Draft Beer (Pitcher) $18.00

5.Asahi Black (Kuronami) $5.00

6. Hitachino Nest Beer White Ale (Small Bottle) $8.80

7. Hitachino Nest Beer IPA (Small Bottle) $8.80


1.Asabiraki Suijin Junmai Sake $13.00

2.Ozeki Sake One Cup $3.50

3.Hakutsuru Plum Wine $12.00

4.Ozeki Ikezo Jelly Sparkling Peach $4.50

5.Ozeki One Cup Nigori Sake $4.50

6.Hakutsuru Junmai Ginjo Sake $9.00

7.Hakutsuru Sayuri Nigori Sake $8.50

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