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Located at the heart of the fast-paced Silicon Valley, Myzen Ramen is committed to catering to the growing popularity of ramen among young and old individuals alike. Here at Myzen, we strive to provide customers the highest quality of Japanese cuisine with utmost service and appreciation..

Our menu comprised of unique as well as classic tributes to the Japanese ramen soup tradition is made to please a fine range of sophisticated palates. Without the use of any chemical seasoning, we adhere to the fundamentals of Japanese cooking by respecting every ingredient to their natural flavors and savoring the dishes in all its simplicity.


  • Sarah & Kevin Jonson

    First time I came here, I will never forget.

    My favorite place used to be maruichi, Now its Myzen. This is the very first place I've ever thoroughly enjoy a ramen.

  • Moira & Brett Clark

    Nice place to eat!

    Great place for ramen here! I got the #1 and was surprise on the amount of beef. The ramen places that I normally visit only has 2-3 pieces of beef but this place seem to give a generous amount. And it was very good! Very tender.

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